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Double Six of Paris

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The Manhattan Transfer

Louis Jordan and His Tympany Five

Tom Bridandi - Show #047

Tom Brigandi After Hours


The Poplar Trees
by J. D. Bruton
Love and hate in a time of racial turmoil...
Set against the social upheaval of South Carolina in the 1960s, The Poplar Trees tells the story of  Sadie Jones, a young black activist, and Brad Malloy, son of the head of the Ku Klux Klan. Sadie's mother works for Brad's farther, as does most everyone else in Malloy County, and despite the odds, Brad and Sadie fall in love. But the Civil Rights movement is in full swing, tensions are running high, and the threat of violence is ever present. Can Their love survive amongst the ashes of burnt crosses and hanging black bodies left by the Klan? Can their love survive such bigotry and hatred?



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